50 Million Worth of Idiocy, 100 Million Ignorance

Your social media space is not a RIGHT. It is just a privilege as a democratic country where everyone can say anything but that doesn’t mean you are free to say everything. You are liable actually to whatever you posted. You can criticize. You can sing. You can give your best opinion. You can share your new invention like the Law of the Classroom.

But, don’t threaten to kill the highest in position in the government (or anyone) because you are really going to screw up the things you are usually enjoying in life and the people you love. If it happens in a country like Singapore, you are so dead.

A single tweet of a public school teacher has brought him to his darkest nightmare as NBI nabbed him for putting a bounty on President Duterte’s head worth P50million. Then, another ignorant of the law who doubled the bounty and was even proud to reveal his location. This time, he wants Duterte dead with P100million on the President’s head. Actually, we don’t need to be a lawyer or an expert for us to be reminded to avoid this urge to post something like this. Sensitivity it is. A grade 2 student would know that threatening someone to be killed is really really bad.

It is a clear example that our LAW functions also on social media postings – a platform that has become the comfort zone of the people especially during this community quarantine due to the pandemic. When the good feels of likes, shares and retweets consume the very core of your existence, you will end up longing for more. It’s addictive.

So the lesson that we got here is that, it is all okay to voice your opinion out especially to a public figure but always remember that we are governed by a constitution. Free speech is one of our rights but again your right ends when the other’s right starts.

Be very careful with social media. Ako nagmumura ako at nagpapatawa sa facebook but I make sure that I don’t share fakenews and that I can stand on what I say. That I can defend myself if somebody would file a case against my opinion. Wishing someone’s demise is irresponsible and insensitive. Trashtalk might be cool nowadays but put a little class on trash bro. Don’t lose your guard. Protect your credibility.

Lastly, treat yourself more than P150 million. Don’t let the goodness of life end because of a million you boasted on social media — an amount you can’t even afford. Idiocy and ignorance are lethal.

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