Duterte VS. Pres. Duterte

Cannot think of how are you going to explain Digong’s attitude to your dilawan friends? Here is a must read facebook post of Van Ybiernas that will help you understand Duterte and President Duterte.

One other thing Duterte has done that no previous president has, is to INSIST on maintaining his INDIVIDUALITY OUTSIDE THE PRESIDENCY.

Dito naguguluhan at nahihilo ang maraming tao e.

In the past, presidents lost their individuality upon becoming president. Kaya nga when GMA became president and she couldn’t suppress her “taray” mode as GMA —that’s who she is— her handlers decided she AS GMA should stop being so visible except when she had to appear as P-GMA.

GMA the individual disappeared. We were ONLY fed P-GMA in public. She was PRESIDENT GMA and no longer just GMA.

E yung Duterte? Napaka-stubborn!

HE REFUSES to stop being Duterte just because he became president. HE INSISTS on still being Duterte even if he is president.

So, ganito yan. Yung nagsasabi ng “patayin nyo na yan si …” is Duterte the individual, not the president.

Yung Duterte the president ang nagsasabing “I will fire you for just a whiff of corruption”…

I can clearly see the difference. I DON’T PAY ATTENTION to Duterte the individual. I just pay attention to Duterte the president.

I pay attention to Duterte the president who found a way to make tertiary education free, for example.

I DON’T PAY ATTENTION to the Duterte who says he (smokes? or ingests?) marijuana to keep him awake.

I pay attention to the Duterte who closed Boracay.

I DON’T PAY ATTENTION to the Duterte who asks us to kill the bishops.

I pay attention to the BUILD.BUILD.BUILD Duterte.

I DON’T PAY ATTENTION to the Duterte who talked about the “stupid” God.

There are two Dutertes: the president and the bugoy. The president is THE ONE WHO ACTS. The bugoy is THE ONE WHO TALKS.

Malinaw ito sa akin.

Hindi malinaw sa iyo? E di YOU (NOT ME) have a problem! | By Van Ybiernas