This is how Inday Sara Duterte ‘burns’ Raissa Robles

A self proclaimed veteran journalist Raissa Robles who has a strong blood connections to some of the dilawans in politics questioned the Dutertes if anyone from the family has visited the evacuees in Marawi.

Robles’ challenge for the sons and daughter of President Rody Duterte landed on Davao City Mayor Inday Sara’s attention which prompted the good Mayor to rebut using her facebook account.

Inday is quite good in ‘burning’ yellow armies like Robles who has been spreading lies about the health of the President. Here’s Inday’s facebook post. Click Below to Watch Video:

“Hindi kasi chismosa tulad mo kaya di na namin naikwento. Ikaw, ano na nagawa mo maliban sa pag tweet” excerpt from Inday Sara’s rebuttal.

Robles is pretty sure roasted now 12 degree burn. Your thoughts? Please leave your comments below!