Inday Sara Duterte hits Honeylet after sharing photo of parents

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte posted a photo of her parents Elizabeth and President Rody Duterte holding Inday’s son. On the caption, the lady Mayor joked congratulating her parents for their new born son.

One of her followers commented saying that President’s common law partner, Honeylet Avencenia may get hurt of the photo Inday Sara posted. The lady mayor replied with a striking message.

” We don’t care about her feelings”. This statement may also mean that the good Mayor is not in good term with Honeylet ever since. Inday Sara elaborated her comment in another reply in her facebook post thread.

” She (Honeylet) didn’t even care about my mother’s feeling before” added Inday.

President Rody Duterte’s love life has been an open book. During the inauguration of Duterte as Philippine President, he invited Elizabeth and Honeylet in Malacanang Palace to sit beside if ‘ if they can stomach each other’.

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