This is how LP dirty tricks work

We denounce in the strongest terms the machinations, terrorism and vote-buying by the administration. We received the following complaints and reports from the field:

Strafing incident of the house of a Duterte supporter in Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte. Suspects? – men of local LP officials reportedly involved in drugs.

A Duterte volunteer in Leyte was accosted and threatened by men identified as goons of a reported local drug lord.

A radio reporter in Bukidnon discussing issues about Duterte received a death threat through text.

The Camiguin warlordism to block the DuterteCayetano campaign perhaps typifies the sorry state of our so-called democracy. Citizens are being terrorized by their own elected public officials.

Provincial Coordinator of Duterte volunteers in Trento, Agusan del Norte, was terminated as a casual employee at the LGU and is being harassed and threatened by the men of Gov. Eddiebong Plaza identified as Edgar Ga to stop campaigning for Duterte.

Gov. Plaza was reported to be giving out P10,000 per family to vote for LP. Similar vote-buying by Gov. Uy in Compostela Valley allegedly for victims of Typhoon Pablo which occurred in December 2012 or more than 3 years ago, but government assistance is being given only today because of the election.

No less than Budget Sec. Abad whose DAP was declared by the Supreme Court as illegal was distributing P5,000 each to barangay captains in Surigao del Norte. Similar vote-buying occurred in Bohol.

DPWH personnel are being used to take away the few tarpaulins of DuterteCayetano even if these were in private properties.

DSWD Sec Dinky Soliman going around with Abad promising DSWD and BUB projects and assistance and warning beneficiaries that if the LP lose, the 4Ps will stop. This is a total lie.

DA continues with the same project dole outs to buy support for the administration but now minus Korina, who was caught red-handed distributing cash and equipment even if she has no business in doing so.

These are clearly violations of the Election Code. These are trapo style campaigning which must be investigated by the Comelec.

Social media and the rumor mill are also awash with black propaganda against Davao City, mayor Duterte and his family members. Because the other candidates have far inferior Platform of Government against the genuine Change Agenda of DuterteCayetano, our enemy camps can only resort to these mudslingings.

Our country will go to the dogs if we allow this trapo style to prevail. The rising menace of drugs, crime, corruption and poverty can best be dealt with #TunayNaPagbabago.

With DuterteCayetano we can be certain of addressing these and other problems such as peace, regional development, economic progress and islands-grabbing by China in the West Philippine Sea, among others. | Peter Laviña
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