Did Mar Roxas cheat in the final debate?

There was something that made me feel uneasy over the way administration presidential candidate Manuel Roxas III answered questions posed during the Dagupan City debate with admirable ease.In fact, Roxas did not only submit his answers quickly, he also cited specific case studies like the story of an OFW from Pangasinan who is now a successful owner of a chain of spas.

There could only be one explanation, I told myself, and it is that Roxas was given a leak of the questions which would be asked during the debate.

A video clip of the question and answer portion posted on youtube.com by a nylede flores showed that the character generation used in flashing on screen salient points of Roxas’ answer was posted at almost the same time the LP standard bearer was pointing it out.

What is irregular about this?

Well, the chargen crawler is supposed to appear a few seconds after the speaker has made his statement as it obviously would need the chargen operator sometime to capture the thought and type it to be displayed on screen.

In the video shown on youtube.com, Roxas was staying “Sa karanasan, binabangga ko ang mga malalaking interes…” at almost the same time, the chargen crawler showed this caption: “Roxas: Binangga ko ang mga malalaking interes.”

This could only be possible if the chargen operator had an advance copy of Roxas’ answers to the questions.

So, what possibly happened was 1.) the Roxas camp was given a leak of the questions to be asked; 2) the Roxas camp prepared answers to the questions; 3) the prepared answers were given to the technical group handling the coverage thus allowing the chargen operator to type the blurbs and post these almost simultaneously with Roxas’ answers.

This could only be possible if there was collaboration from top people of ABS-CBN who were handling the Pilipinas Debate 2016 coverage.

Actually, I was not the only person who noticed the apparently staged managed Q and A for Roxas.

While Roxas’ chances of winning the Presidency ranges from nil to zero, this obvious cheating is a proof of a pattern of dishonest actions by a party which rides on the slogan “Daang Matuwid” whose standard bearer has been bragging about his decency and honesty.

Last night’s deceitful action by Roxas followed other questionable activities by the Liberal Party ranging from the use of government vehicles to campaign, flooding the on-line survey of Rappler with votes from fictitious accounts to make it appear that the LP candidate was No. 1 after the first debate, riding on activities of the Department of Agriculture to promote Roxas, distributing envelopes to participants in a rally in Pikit, North Cotabato, distribution of P5,000 to barangay chairmen and P50,000 to P200,000 to town mayors and the controversial use of government helicopters to ferry presidential sister Kris Aquino to an LP rally.

The greatest irony of it all is the fact that in spite of these acts of cheating and dishonesty, Roxas has not moved up from 4th place.

In the last ABS-CBN/Pulse Asia survey, Roxas was ranked 4th with 18%.

The same survey showed PDP Laban standard bearer Rody Duterte leading with 34%, followed by Grace Poe with 22% and Jejomar Binay with 19%. | Manny Piñol

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