#NasaanSiEthelBooba? She left the earth. Charot!

You know when the queen of Charotism on Twitter tweets ‘Nasaan ang Pangulo’ everytime our country had to face a storm, it would trend along with the sarcastic but witty words of Ethel Booba. Today, she breaks the trend. Hindi pala si Ethel ang nag ti-tweet nun. May ghost writers.

We were deceived. Her 1.5 million followers were all surprised when they found out that the witty Booba’s Twitter account has gone because of the fact that “sumobra na ang pagamit nya. Pati current situation na meron tayo ginagawa nya ng biro at ako ang nadadamay” as she said on a conversation.

Sino kaya yung “nya”? Dali Ethel sabihin mo na, bilis! Baka mapatawad ka pa ng DDS. hahaha

“I have a clean conscience what ever this person’s intentions, it’s way beyond my control at sumobra na lang talaga sya” Ethel said.

You see, it is crystal clear that there are more Boobas behind the name Ethel Booba. Let me guess, it’s a yellow force who loves to control people but who messes around at the same time. A PR group who never learned their lessons and always ended up digging their own graves. In short, laging palpak!

It is not also the first time that Ethel confirms admins working behind her profile. In fact, she said in a TV interview that there’s someone tweeting in her behalf but only if she approves it.

But wait, of course the yellow forces would not accept defeat that easy and they would try to deceive again. They will make another version of the story because damn, sayang ang 1.5million fans. This time, pointing back to the Duterte administration. Pathetic, isn’t it? Sa krisis na hinaharap ng Pilipinas ngayon, si Ethel talaga ang pagtutuonan ng panahon ni Digong? hahaha

Now, look who is talking about trolls?! The DDS bloggers have faces and real names and above all, have balls! Her fans? Who cares about her fans? The number of her fans could not even put a single senator from Otso Deretso last 2019 election! Mga ulol, di nyo nga matumba tumba ang 87% popularity ni Digong! haha

Oh please, don’t tell us Duterte would order bringing Ethel’s twitter account down just because she always Charotizes the government. Rappler and mainstream media can do better than her but you see they are still alive. Nobody from the opposition media was killed nor forcibly stopped from operating even if they don’t pay right taxes.

Is is true that Ethel was once a DDS? I really don’t know and I don’t care but looking at her old instagram photos, she was always delighted with President Duterte.

May book pa si Bakla
No caption needed

Is it a Philippine version of Inspector Raquel turned Lisbon story? Lol. Pack up na mga bes. Buking na buking na kayo. Just like your yellow bosses, mandarambong! (Note: ang layo ni Ethel kay Raquel ha in terms of well you know, brains. Lol)

This time, we want Ethel Booba to explain all these brouhahas. Her real and fake fans need an explanation. Marami kaming time. Naka quarantine ang lahat. hahah.

I can picture out the reactions of the yellow twitter groups now with this Ethel’s big surprise. Jover Laurio is surely will be in a Red Alert Sublevel 4 and ready to defend. She needs more budget for #PaBoost. Well, PAB would love it because she will be significant again as the next line of defense. That means, more MONEY. ( Tuloy tuloy ang relief goods!)

Now the question is, #NasaanSiEthelBooba? She left the earth. Charot!

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