IN PHOTOS: Throwback images of Baste and Veronica Duterte

Since day 1, we already know President Rody Duterte’s love life and how complicated it is. What we know is Digong shares his heart with Elizabeth (mother of Pauli, Inday Sara, and Baste) and Honeylet (mother of Veronica).

It is not new also that the family of Duterte’s first wife is not in good wave with Honeylet. Inday Sara, for example, made rounds on the internet when she said on her facebook post thread ” We don’t care about her (Honeylet) feelings ” (READ: Inday Sara hits Honeylet )

What we really don’t know is, Kitty or Veronica, is pretty close to the presidential son and TV host Sebastian “Baste” Duterte based on the following throwback photos which suggest that Kitty got a Kuya in Baste. Click to Watch Video Below

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