Rape Joke: Will it matter this May election?

In just a few days, people will vote candidates to run nationals posts. For this year it’s getting hotter each day as frontrunner Mayor Rody Duterte leads in the latest surveys. His opponents are throwing muds at him now.

Rape Joke. We have seen how the antis reacted. The memes to attack Digong on social media are unbelievable. Trending and viral. So the question is, will this rape joke affect the decision of the people who are undecided and pros? No.

1.Social Media fever. Because in today’s generation, people get the news as fresh as your tomatoes at your backyard. These people want to react and be heard online. That’s what we are, social media proactive but we are only exerting effort just to show to the world that we are connected online. It is a selective responsibility – to post anything because you think you need to tell the facebook world. Duterte supporters had to react only but that joke doesn’t really matter to them.

2. Defenders.Duterte has racked thousands of supporters. They don’t receive any envelope. These people have researched and learned the whole personality of the tough-talking Mayor. That he has a dirty mouth but with pure and benevolent heart. The journey got this far already. The spirit of volunteerism and trust for Duterte won’t be untied anymore.

3. People know that it is only a dirty game brought by the ‘election fever’. That the rape joke was taken out of the context. People know that the opponents are just painting blacks to make them white. People have matured already. Gone are the days of traditional politics.

4. Thirst for Change. The country is not just experiencing drought but also deprived to maximize the resources of this land. Since the Marcos era, Filipinos in general are still deprived to live with a kind of life they deserve. Everyone wants a real change. They were frustrated after the EDSA1 and 2. They thought life after the revolution will be upgraded. Filipinos remain in despair by the hands of the oligarch and imperialism mentality.

5. Bad joke over Bad government. Filipinos prefer to forgive a bad joke than to experience another 6-year of bad government. Tama na. Pagod na kami.

Rape joke, will it matter this May election? YES! Because people choose to listen to a person with a dirty mouth to create a clean government.

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