TAAL ERUPTION: List of areas under ashfall advisory and what to do to survive

Ash from Taal Volcano phreatic eruption is currently affecting portions of Calabarzon, Metro Manila and Central Luzon as it is currently erupting and releasing more thick and dangerous smoke.

Philvocs has raised the alert level to Level 4. This means explosive eruptions will take place within hours or days.


  • – Cavite
  • – Batangas
  • – Rizal
  • – Northwestern portion of Quezon
  • – Metro Manila
  • – Bulacan
  • – Pampanga
  • – Bataan
  • – Tarlac
  • – Nueva Ecija
  • – Eastern portion of Pangasinan
  • – Southeastern portion of Zambales

– Stay indoors
– Close the windows and doors. It will help stop ash from entering the structure.
– Do not run air-conditioning or clothes dryers
– If outside seek shelter; use a mask or handkerchief for breathing. Wear protective clothing especially if working in the ash fall, and goggles to protect the eyes.
– If possible do not drive, park your car under-cover or cover it
– If you must drive, drive slowly as ash fall will reduce visibility. You may need to use the car headlights because of the reduced visibility. Do not use the car’s ventilation system. Ash on the road surface can also reduce traction.
– Do not rush to your child’s school. Schools are responsible for the safety of the children. Schools will notify you of any emergency procedures which are to be taken.
– Keep pets indoors.
– Check that livestock have enough food and water. May need to shelter livestock if the fall is heavy.
– Disconnection of roof-fed water supply is only required when an ash fall is occurring or during the clean up to stop ash entering the storage tanks.
– If you are uncertain of what to do seek advice from civil defense.


Classes are also suspended for both public and private schools in these areas:

  • Binan, Laguna
  • Cavite
  • Makati City
  • Manila City
  • Marikina City
  • Parañaque City
  • Pasay City
  • Pasig City
  • San Juan City

Stay tuned for the next advisory from Philippine Emergency Alerts Operation Center which will be issued in the next few hours. Or Follow our facebook page

Stay safe kababayan!