WATCH: 2 pinoys nag vlog, kumain ng Paniki

While it is unclear as to when this video of 2 pinoys savoring a bat soup taken, maybe before the outbreak, but their vlog went viral on the internet now as the world combats the existence of the deadly novel coronavirus. A virus that is reportedly came from the wild animals that were sold in Wuhan, China. Bat included.

I don’t know if the video was taken recently but eating bat is not cool anyway anytime. Alang alang sa likes and shares, kailangan gawin talaga ang mga ganitong bagay? What if the bat they consumed carries the deadly contagious virus? In the name of likes and shares, these two put their direct family in jeopardy. The entire country actually.

The video also promotes violence as I see it. Bats play an important role in the ecosystem. Truly, bats need a friend but don’t give them a hug. DON’T F****G EAT THEM! Watch video below:


With a little digital digging, the video is owned by a certain Marzene Caber who originally uploaded the video last July 2019 in Palau. While some parts in Palau serve fruit bat soup, it is this time we know that a certain strain of coronavirus can be carried by wild animals such as bats. A source says the vlogger reached out to him and said he is ok and he got no flu after trying the bat soup.

The Department of Health warns Filipinos to limit encounter with farm and wild animals while the battle between humans versus the nCoV is still going on. We Filipinos should be responsible of trying other countries delicacies. We’ve learned alot from Wuhan, China this time. Here’s the original video

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