WATCH: China’s Wuhan targets to build hospital in 6 days for nCoV victims

The government of China has set to build a hospital dedicated to treat novel coronavirus victims. Full machinery forces and building resources are now in place. As of this writing, there are 103 victims died in nCoV and thousands are infected in Wuhan.

How is China able to build a hospital in six days?

“China has a record of getting things done fast even for monumental projects like this,” says Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations.

He points out that the hospital in Beijing in 2003 was built in seven days so the construction team is probably attempting to beat that record. Just like the hospital in Beijing, the Wuhan centre will be made out of prefabricated buildings.

“This authoritarian country relies on this top down mobilisation approach. They can overcome bureaucratic nature and financial constraints and are able to mobilise all of the resources.”

“The engineering work is what China is good at. They have records of building skyscrapers at speed. This is very hard for westerners to imagine. It can be done,” he added

Watch the video below