WATCH: Here’s what happened why OFWs in Bahrain Airport Contribute Money for 3 Pinoys

Wherever in the globe we are in, when we Filipinos meet a kababayan in need of help, without asking much, we dearly help automatically especially OFWs.

In a viral video of Baling Jacinto Paulino, an OFW from Jordan, shows a bunch of OFWs in Bahrain Airport contributing money ushered by a Pinay who stood up and heartily told the stories of 3 ofws in Saudi who are deported back to the Philippines after serving 1 year and 3 weeks in jail.

The 3 male Filipinos are still in their Jail uniforms when these two Pinays dared to ask them their story while on a stop over flight in Bahrain waiting for a flight to Manila. According to the men in blue, they only have tickets but got no money to start a new life in the Philippines.

Thanks to the super kapamilya spirit of the Pinoys for pouring help and kudos also to the wonderwomen who initiated help for them. Sometimes, heroes don’t wear capes. Watch the video below:

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