Flashflood Makilala

WATCH: Netizens spot strong flashflood in Cotabato

A strong and deadly flashflood surprised the residents near Bulatukan River in Makilala, Province of Cotabato as it swept all the trees and structures in its path today October 19.

Netizens were quick to record this voilent flood as it approached towards them while it overflowed with muds and logs. Their videos posted on social media became viral.

One year ago today, a strong earthquake rocked the Southern Mindanao destroying several properties and killing many people. Let us pray that the affected communities will now be more alert and responsive to reduce the risk and manage the situation in their area.


The first wave of the flashflood in Bulatukan Makilala

Meanwhile in Davao City, authorities has announced also that there is a huge wave of water tonight 9pm-10pm from the hinterland rushing towards the Davao River which will affect several baranggays near the said river.

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